Janvrin's Fest!

Janvrin's Fest began in 1989 as a one day festival beginning with a parade with local floats and costumes. The day continued with booths, scavenger hunt and kids games.

Things grew in 1990, a festival committee was formed and began work in February to plan and organize for August. They extended the festival to two days and had a pancake breakfast and events on the island below the community center like rowboat races and log sawing contests. The weekend ended with a roast beef supper sponsored by Club 55.

Every year expanded and improved on the weekend. The basic structure was kept but a few things were added or dropped. Attendance increased every year.

2009 was the 20th Anniversary and we changed the date to early July and restructured the weekend to accommodate the changing times. We continued in early July for a few years but hosted our last Janvrin's Fest in 2012. Unfortunately, the aging population and reduced volunteer base forced us to move on.

But, you never know...Janvrin's Fest may return one day!


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